IMPORTANT information on FNTAA's 27th Annual  Conference!


Normally at this time, FNTAA would be sending out the dates and registration forms for the Conference. But unfortunately with COVID-19, at this time FNTAA is unsure if we will be able to have the conference in September.   As you are aware hotels are not open and we are not sure when they will re-open.   We have also heard some communities have a hold on travel budgets.  We are looking at some other options, such as webinars and hopefully we can share some information that way.  We will continue to keep you all up to-date as soon as we have any new information.

Thanks for your understanding. We hope everyone is staying safe. 

Please email info@fntaa.ca if you have any additional questions.

thank you

Ernest, Terry, Deanna, Nicole, Lynn, Carlene and Katherine


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